Meet PFLA Founding Mother & DWM: Producer & Creative, Young Simba

By Jasmin V. Photography by Ramaj Eroc.

PassionFruitsLA was born in the summer. The heat of dreams and ambitions fogged the air as three women sat together. There were no accidents. Though they had just met, they were in sync. They shared a dream and an understanding of what it could become.

Amongst them sat Young Simba.

Tell us about who you are and what you do?
SIMBA: I’m Jasmin V. or as everyone likes to call me, Young Simba! I am a music producer from LA and a founding mother of Passion Fruits LA.

Passionate souls and creatives who are each unique in their own way- that’s what PassionFruits means to me.
— Young Simba

How did you come about PFLA?
SIMBA: Well it's an interesting story! I was
waiting in line at a Brownies & Lemonade event and behind me I saw these two lovely ladies- who I now call my good friends/business partners, Melody and Mya. One thing you should know about me, is that I’m one seriously Chatty Cathy; I love meeting new faces! So we hit it off that night and exchanged information.

We kept in touch and one day all got together to discuss this big, secret project; I went in with an open mind. The chemistry was right and I was offered to join in the very first meeting! It was such a powerful turning point for me because at that time in my life, I was lacking- in my motivation, in my passions, and goals. I was lost but when the opportunity to be one of the Co-founding mothers of PFLA came up, everything changed for meI really do owe it to Mya and Melody for seeing the ambition I had.  It was destiny, things happen for a reason.

In your own words describe what does PFLA means to you?
SIMBA: Without knowing the meaning behind it, I automatically thought of sweet, sweet fruits lol. Once I got involved, I saw the vision- it made me think DIVERSITY. Passionate souls and creatives who are each unique in their own way. That’s what PassionFruits means to me. There are no boundaries to who you are as in individual but the passion you bring and the love you show.

Are you currently working on any passion projects that you could tell us about?
SIMBA: Yes, I am! At the moment I’m working on a single called "Dance With You", as well as a bunch of other songs that I’m planning to release soon- hopefully at the beginning of 2017. It's definitely still in progress but it has me excited. And then obviously, nurturing Passion Fruits. We have so many new projects in the works to collaborate with other dope women, let alone working towards our debut event this April.

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